The Barry University online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing program prepares graduates to advance into management and leadership positions within the evolving realm of global marketing. Students receive training applicable to a range of marketing management roles including product manager, marketing manager or director, market research analyst, marketing analyst, brand manager, and sales manager.

What Is Marketing and Marketing Management?

The American Marketing Association defines the trade as follows: “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Marketing managers have a variety of management functions in these institutions, activities, and processes, with the duties of managing marketing campaigns and programs, developing marketing plans, devising effective strategies, tracking results, and coordinating marketing research projects. In addition, marketing managers often hire staff, build teams, and manage budgets.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), “Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers plan programs to generate interest in products or services.” In particular, marketing managers “estimate the demand for products and services that an organization and its competitors offer. They identify potential markets for the organization’s products.” Additionally, marketing managers “develop pricing strategies to help organizations maximize their profits and market share while ensuring that the organizations’ customers are satisfied. They work with sales, public relations, and product development staff.”

Regardless of the source you consult, you will find that professionals in this occupation serve in a variety of functions within the broad area of managing marketing activities and programs for an organization — and these functions change rapidly as the fast-changing industry evolves.

Job Roles for Marketing Managers

BLS categorizes advertising, promotions, and marketing managers as a collective group with a national median pay of $133,380, as of May 2021. There is a wide range of management opportunities within these three areas for which a marketing-focused MBA provides the necessary training and qualifications. Here is a brief overview of what managers in some common marketing roles do for their organizations, according to descriptions of specialized marketing management occupations from

  • Marketing directors supervise marketing managers. They direct and develop an organization’s marketing policies and objectives. They oversee market research and design high-level marketing plans for specific products, services, or business lines. Directors review changes in the marketplace and recommend marketing strategies to top management.
  • Digital Marketing Managers manage web properties and social media platforms for organizations. This role has gained prominence within many organizations as online marketing has evolved. These managers develop, implement, and manage digital marketing campaigns that promote products and services. They develop brand awareness within the digital space, drive website traffic, acquire leads and customers, and work to generate online engagement through a variety of channels. They use web analytics tools to optimize results from marketing campaigns as well as display and search advertising.
  • Promotions Managers manage and develop sales promotion policies and programs to maximize an organization’s sales. They research, evaluate, and recommend enhancements to the marketing position of a product or service and use a combination of media, from television and radio to in-store displays, internet, and direct mail, to achieve their goals.
  • Product and Brand Managers develop and implement marketing activities to maximize sales of an assigned product or brand. They develop strategies based on research and analysis of performance, competitiveness, and trends in the marketplace.
  • Advertising Managers work in agencies or for organizations, and some work on a project basis. Some of these managers devise advertising campaigns by overseeing a staff that consists of creative, media services, and budgeting personnel. Others, known as advertising or account executives, manage client accounts and develop plans to increase clients’ businesses.
  • Public Relations Managers develop and implement policies and procedures for PR departments. They are tasked with maintaining a favorable image for brands, products, services, and even for people, including celebrities and politicians. They devise media plans, prepare public statements and press releases, and coordinate communications across a variety of channels.

Marketing management appeals to professionals with aspirations of an intellectually and financially rewarding career. If this sounds like you, an MBA in Marketing may enable you to achieve your ambitions.

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