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Barry University Faculty

When you choose Barry, you choose an exceptional education delivered by extraordinary faculty. We look for frontline teachers who are passionate about what they do. Over 80 percent of our faculty hold a PhD or the highest degree available in their field of expertise; many have received distinguished recognition or won prominent awards.

Outside of sharing their expertise, our faculty is dedicated to promoting equality, diversity, social justice, humility, and altruism, holding the belief that everyone can have a voice through education.



Dr. Bruce Payne

Professor of Finance

"I wanted to teach, become heavily engaged in research, and share the results of that research with students, colleagues, and others."

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Dr. Michael Tyler

Professor of Accounting

"I expect my students to learn and become comfortable with accounting—the language of business. I want my students to appreciate the value of accounting to business decision-making."

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Dr. Yun Wang

Assistant Professor

"I enjoy the classroom environment, and I am passionate about helping my students."

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Dr. Lilia C. DiBello

Associate Professor of Education

"No one can take away the knowledge you gain from studying and learning—stay focused and diligent about completing what you start."

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Dr. Priva Fischweicher

Associate Professor

"I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my parents. Even though I saw how hard they worked, the satisfaction they felt when they impacted students' lives was very inspiring."

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Dr. Susan Hildebrand

Assistant Professor of Education, Special Education

"When working with individuals with exceptionalities, you must balance their needs against the obstacles so often present . . . remember your student comes first!"

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Dr. Carmen L. McCrink

Professor and Program Director of Educational Leadership and Higher Education Administration

"I believe that those of us who choose higher education administration as a profession have a commitment to provide access to all who wish to pursue a postsecondary education."

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Dr. Heidi Whitford

Associate Professor

"The desire to become an agent of change within a higher education institution, while cultivating professional standards of higher education, leadership qualities, and skillful evaluation and assessment, will be a key factor that will strengthen your pursuit of a career in higher education"

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Dr. Margaret Leigh Broxton Bragg

Associate Professor of Public Administration

"I have always felt that education is the path to changing one’s life. Through my teaching, I am afforded the opportunity to equip people with the ability to change their lives. I am rewarded everyday with my students’ success."

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Dr. Carole Huberman

Associate Dean/Assistant Professor

"I believe that higher education provides every individual with a pathway to income and social equity. Education is the great socio-economic equalizer."

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Dr. Richard Gary Orman

Professor of Public Administration

"Be prepared for a very vigorous learning experience."

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Dr. Sandra Schrouder

Associate Professor of Public Administration

"Stay focused, manage your time, persevere, and enjoy the journey because it will end very soon!"

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Dr. Stephen E. Sussman

Associate Professor

"A successful public administrator recognizes how the various functions of the organization depend on one another, and how changes in any one part can affect all the others."

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Dr. James J. Talerico

Assistant Professor

"After working in a professional non-academic career environment for several years, I decided to use my skills to assist various faculty and students to enhance their professional goals in life."

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Alexander Falcone

Adjunct Faculty, Emergency Management

"I think that this online program is perfect for the working professional who is interested in furthering their career in emergency management or making a career change into the field. This program is specifically tailored to be flexible, fitting into the schedule of public safety professionals."

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Dr. Marilyn Marjorie Marousek

Associate Professor Human Resources and Administration

"I would like my students to take away new knowledge and understanding of organizational concepts that they can apply in their own careers."

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Dr. Michael J. Provitera

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

"Students apply what they learn as they learn and constantly evolve with new knowledge and new perspectives of managerial implication"

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Hayley Sogren

Adjunct Professor

"It is my hope that each of my students will leave my writing classes well-prepared to communicate clearly and effectively, with the skills necessary to be an integral and intellectual contributor to any working environment."

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Dr. Anita Zavodska

Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences

"Teaching allows me to interact and engage with people, which I enjoy tremendously, while giving me the opportunity to increase their awareness and knowledge about the environmental issues that we face today."

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