First, determine your managerial aptitude. According to Forbes, a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers reveals several truths about the skills managers prioritize when they hire college graduates.

Can you work as part of a team? Can you make decisions and solve problems? Can you plan and prioritize work? Do you have great communication skills? Do you have the smarts to gather and process information?

The good news is you should have already learned these skills, either through your education or experience. And do not forget leadership. If you want to lead, you must act as a leader.

But it is not enough to possess these traits. You must be able to prove your worth to the decision-makers.

Toot Your Own Horn

If you want a management position, then market your skills. Instead of listing your abilities, demonstrate them. For example, The Muse suggests, “When applying to management roles, employers always want to know exactly how many people, dollars, and projects you’ve overseen. So, when it comes to your resume and LinkedIn profile bullet points, be specific and include numbers when describing your roles and responsibilities.”

The website says it also is important to emphasize what your team achieved because of your leadership and to get recommendations from people you have managed or worked with closely on projects.

There are also many things you can do on a day-to-day basis to demonstrate your aptitude. The idea is to become the go-to person when your manager needs a job done right.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Make yourself visible, indispensable and involved. Managing your career right will move you closer to your goal.

Business Insider takes a close look at ways to position yourself as a potential manager. “By keeping an open dialogue with your managers about your ambitions and excelling at your goals, you’ll be in a prime position for a promotion.”

An important point to remember, Business Insider says, is that having years of employment does not guarantee a promotion. Being recognized for your leadership ability does, however, and the best way to gain this “is to lead and inspire your coworkers by being able to independently come up with and complete major and minor problems.”

Business Insider offers other tips, including:

  • Identify problems in your company and offer solutions. Initiative is a highly desired trait of a potential manager.
  • Do not let the daily routine consume you. Daily tasks need to be done, of course, but find time to “focus on strategic, high-level decisions that show your capability for a leadership role.”
  • Accomplish your job responsibilities but make it clear that you are eager to do more.
  • Network outside your immediate area to gain a better understanding of your company. When you know your company’s vision, mission and strategy, you can identify strengths. Then you can stand out by addressing weaknesses.

An important step to fast track your management goal is to increase your skills and knowledge, according to Glassdoor. This can be as simple as enrolling in an occasional webinar, attending conferences or asking to be included in projects outside your department.

Or you can go all in and pursue an advanced degree. In the past, this has been difficult for working professionals because of family responsibilities and the financial strain of quitting a job to attend a brick-and-mortar university. That changed with online degree programs like the MBA in Management offered by Barry University. The online format allows you to study at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection. You can complete the program in as few as 12 months.

Barry’s online MBA program prepares students for upper management by offering a combination of challenging coursework and practical applications in ethical leadership, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Learn more about Barry University’s online MBA in Management program. 


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