If you have aspirations to move up to management and leadership positions in business, an MBA provides the training and confidence you will need. For evidence of this fact, examine any corporation’s hierarchy. With each step up the ladder, you will find a higher concentration of business school graduates.

Specialized MBAs Meet Today’s Hiring Demands

Right now, you may be considering your options for earning your next promotion. You may even have ambitions to become a senior manager, VP, or executive. Your goals are substantially more likely to be realized with an MBA.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) shows strong prospects for all recent MBA graduates. At each level of management, by organizations in every industry and of every size, MBAs are in high demand. As organizations have grown more complex, however, they now seek more specialized management skills. This is why an increasing number of universities now offer such programs.

The focus offered by an MBA with a specialization in management enables you to meet the needs of employers who are seeking management level candidates. The Barry University AACSB-accredited online Master of Business Administration in Management was developed in conjunction with top employers to cultivate the skills required in today’s business environment. The program emphasizes a corporate management worldview, which provides a global business perspective and the tools for intelligent problem-solving using contemporary methodologies.

Theory of Management Is One Thing; Practice Is Quite Another

Specializing in management allows you to delve into the practical applications of management theories. These include HR management processes designed to maximize worker satisfaction and the use of organizational behavior principles to positively impact interactions at all organizational levels. Students also learn to apply the tools of Total Quality Management and continuous improvement.

Many managers in business today have taken years of combined academic and professional experience to reach the level of understanding that a specialized management program provides. In a job market that favors MBA graduates with the right skills to take on management roles, it pays to focus on the skills you will be using in your desired position. If, however, you are unsure about pursuing a career in management, you may wish to pursue a general MBA.

Management Opportunities Abound for MBA Graduates

The value proposition of an MBA is strong, according to the GMAC. Of the 14,651 graduate business alumni across the globe who participated in the GMAC 2017 Alumni Perspectives Survey, 95 percent rated their education a good to outstanding value. In terms of career outcomes, MBA alumni respondents report that their education:

  • Prepared them for leadership positions (86 percent agree/strongly agree)
  • Prepared them for their chosen career (85 percent)
  • Increased their earnings power (82 percent)
  • Provided opportunities for quicker advancement (75 percent)
  • Improved their job satisfaction (67 percent)

The GMAC 2017 Corporate Recruiters Survey Report also showed strong management prospects for MBA graduates, with 73 percent of U.S. employers planning to place recent graduates into mid-level management positions. Compensation prospects are just as impressive. The median starting salary projected for a new MBA graduate is $110,000, an increase of $5,000 compared with 2016.

In a strong economy, demand for highly qualified managerial talent continues to soar. For specialized MBA graduates with expertise in management, opportunities are abundant.

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