If you feel drawn to a career in government or the nonprofit sector, this may be a calling to serve others. Advancement to a leadership role will amplify your talents and skills, allowing you to significantly impact those you work with and serve.

One of the most efficient ways to advance in your public or nonprofit service career is to earn a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. The online MPA program from Barry University will strengthen your potential by building skills such as leadership, management, decision-making, and communication.

An MPA for All Stages of a Public Service Career

Barry University designed its online MPA program to address students’ needs across a range of career stages, including those planning to enter the profession as mid- and executive-level practitioners employed in administrative positions as well as those transitioning from active field roles or the military.

The degree focuses on providing knowledge and skills applicable to the administration of public, nonprofit, and other organizations serving a public purpose.

Learning Outcomes of Barry University’s Online MPA

The program’s 12 required courses offer study and instruction on public administration theories, principles, and practices. The program’s various three-credit-hour courses focus on topics including:

  • Research methodologies
  • Values and ethics in administration
  • Public policy analysis and evaluation
  • Public financial administration
  • Public human resources administration
  • Leadership in public purpose organizations
  • Public law and administration
  • Public planning and growth management
  • Nonprofit administration
  • Productivity improvement in the public sector

The program’s capstone project challenges the student to “build from knowledge gained during the program and to make connections between academic and professional work.” This project ties together theory, research, and application, demonstrating relevance to current public administration practice.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to:

  • Apply graduate research methods and techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of public programs and the outcomes of policy alternatives
  • Synthesize the concepts associated with ethical behavior and social responsibility to effect social change and promote social justice
  • Evaluate leadership qualities, analyze the rule of law in administrative procedures, and execute effective administrative decision-making
  • Examine the process involved in planning for change and the various means of production in the public sector, leading to ways to maximize efficiency and effectiveness

Ultimately, the program aims to prepare and develop students into “public administrators who will embody the public sector values of respect for all individuals, proficiency in the profession, adherence to ethical principles, and empathy toward all.”

Affordability and Online Flexibility

This 100% online MPA program is a highly affordable degree. Tuition costs the same amount, regardless of your state of residence. Plus, you can pay tuition course by course, which allows you to complete the program at your own pace.

The online MPA program provides a flexible and convenient annual schedule with six start dates each year. After selecting the desired start date, you must adhere to deadlines for applying and turning in all required documentation, registering for classes, and paying tuition.

You’ll also enjoy added convenience and flexibility to study and complete assignments from wherever you want while still working part or full time and gaining real-world experience.

Employability and Versatility of an MPA

An MPA can open the door to many career paths. With an advanced degree in public administration, you may choose to work as an administrator for a local, county, or state government, a regional nonprofit, or as an analyst for an international organization such as the United Nations.

You can specialize in an area like human services, law enforcement, or nonprofit management. An MPA prepares you for jobs in the private sector as well.

MPA-prepared professionals often pursue the following positions, many of which prefer or require that applicants hold an advanced degree in public administration:

  • Policy analyst
  • Policy and advocacy manager
  • Legislative affairs coordinator
  • Political affairs officer
  • Nonprofit director
  • City manager
  • Emergency management director
  • Administrative services manager

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports a promising job outlook for the future of the public administration sector, with a projected 5% increase in employment opportunities for administrative services and facilities managers between 2022 and 2032. Further, the median wage for this occupational group was an impressive $101,870 per year in 2022, according to BLS.

Earning an online MPA can be a good choice if you want an affordable, flexible, and desirable education that can grant you many rewarding career opportunities.

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