Interested in becoming an administrator within an organization or rising through the leadership ranks of administration? The Barry University Bachelor of Science in Administration (BSA) online program equips students with the administrative and leadership competencies required for success in any type of organization and administrative capacity.

Barry University offers a variety of credit transfer options, up to 90 of the 120 total credits for graduation may be obtained through testing, certification and other nontraditional transfer methods, including the Experiential Learning Portfolio.

An administrator is a professional who directs the activities of other personnel and is charged with achieving certain objectives through team efforts. To these ends, the administrator relies on four skill sets: technical, human, organizational, and conceptual.

Capable administrators are intelligent, imaginative people with excellent communication abilities, high levels of adaptability, and the drive to succeed. A college degree in administration helps students gain the technical knowledge and soft skills required for various departments and organizations. As their careers progress, they develop an organizational vision and become candidates to rise through the leadership ranks.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in administration is over $58k, reaching more than $120k at the top of the scale.

The most successful administrators in any field typically possess a combination of the following qualities that enable them to stand out, even among other talented and well-trained professionals:

Technical skills: This includes proficiency in the specific set of methods, techniques, processes, and procedures for a particular field or discipline. Specialized technical knowledge may include expertise in the use of tools, analytical abilities, and case study expertise.

Human skills: Otherwise known as soft skills or interpersonal skills, these constitute what it takes to perform effectively on a team or as a leader of personnel. An administrator will have to interact with many people throughout the day, possibly including company leaders, colleagues, partners, and customers. A professional with highly developed human skills is intimately familiar with his or her own strengths and shortcomings and can understand the constraints of different perspectives. Human skills also mean effectively communicating, reading and motivating others, and allowing others to make the most of their own talents and maximize their performance.

Organizational skills: This refers to the individual’s ability to self-regulate in time management, project management, and personnel management. A strong administrator balances many responsibilities and a heavy workload. They can prioritize projects and tasks by deadlines and importance and direct others to manage their resources by implementing structures and protocols that enhance the organizational processes. Administrators and leaders with strong organizational skills take full accountability for their responsibilities and their team’s performance.

Conceptual skills: This involves the ability to see the parts of an organization as they relate to one another and recognize the causes and effects of organizational changes. An administrator with strong conceptual skills can envision the relationships between their business and the industry, customers, investors, and the local community. They act in ways that elevate the organization and its constituents.

If you believe you have a strong foundation of skills to succeed as an administrator and desire the training required to fully develop the technical, human, organizational, and conceptual skills necessary for success, a Bachelor of Science degree in administration may be your ticket to a rewarding career.

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