Public administration is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who want to serve their communities. Administrators in the public sector may work at state and local levels. They may be involved with public health and safety. Some work in federal government or education. Others choose to work for nonprofits and businesses that provide services to the public.

Ideally, public administrators develop and implement policies on behalf of citizens. Many community leaders are public administration professionals. They focus on programs that meet societal needs.

One of the best ways to land a job in public administration is by obtaining a dedicated undergraduate degree. The online bachelor’s in public administration (BPA) at Barry University, for instance, is designed to provide insight and knowledge for the effective application of public agency management.

Learn Effective Public Agency Management

If you’re interested in working in public and nonprofit organizations, emergency services administration, or public management, an online BPA program may be right for you. Graduates will be prepared to:

  • Manage public finances and create budgets for state, county, and municipal governments.
  • Develop and implement public policy in federal, state, and local governments.
  • Measure and improve productivity in public organizations, and conduct Total Quality Management (TQM) analyses.
  • Navigate current trends in public management with a sensitivity to ethical challenges.
  • Work with civil service systems and merit retention systems, and engage with issues in labor relations or collective bargaining.
  • Support public safety departments in emergency medical practice, emergency transportation, police protection, community policing, and fire prevention and suppression.

With career options from law enforcement and fire service to government agencies and public safety, the BPA is a highly versatile degree. Other career options include city management, public finance, or urban or regional planning.

Learn more about Barry University’s Bachelor of Public Administration online program.


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