A bachelor’s degree in administration provides students a solid foundation in finance, accounting, marketing, management, and human resource theories and practices. Graduates will enter the job market with an acute understanding of management principles, business fundamentals, and the interpersonal skills needed to flourish in today’s business world.

A Bachelor of Science in Administration from Barry University can open a variety of career opportunities such as project manager, sales manager, business manager, or human resources director. In a crowded and competitive post-COVID-19 job market, graduates from Barry University can set themselves apart with the administrative and leadership skills they will acquire from the online degree program.

Career Options for Administration Grads

Careers in administration include jobs where professionals assist companies in meeting their financial goals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in business occupations is expected to grow 5% between now and 2029. The median salary for administration careers typically ranges from $50,000 to $90,000 per year, with the national average at $72,250 as of May 2020.

Through Barry University’s program coursework, students will develop problem-solving, leadership, communication, and analytical skills. This will prepare them to guide, lead, and support the financial, physical, and human resources that encompass a business. Here are five career options for administration grads:

  1. Human Resources Specialist: Human resources (HR) specialists typically recruit, interview, screen, and hire employees. They can also handle employee relations, benefits, compensation, and education as well as ensure the company abides by all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. HR specialists can also travel to recruit employees and visit college campuses. According to the BLS, the average salary is approximately $63,490 per year, or $30.52 per hour. Anticipated job growth for this role is 7% between now and 2029.
  2. Sales Manager: Sales managers govern sales teams and many are required to travel. They are responsible for profit production and set sales goals, train sales representatives, analyze sales data, and assess profitability. The annual average salary for a sales manager is $132,290, or $63.60 per hour, and the job outlook is expected to increase by 4% through 2029.
  3. Business Consultant: Business consultants, sometimes called management consultants, propose solutions to improve a business’s efficiency. They may travel to meet with clients, advise leaders on how to improve profitability, design a course of action for improvement, and recommend changes. The median pay for a business consultant is $87,660 per year, or $42.14 per hour. The expected job outlook is 11% through 2029.
  4. Market Research Analyst: A market research analyst studies market conditions to determine what products a company should be selling. They typically design surveys, analyze the research, and report the results to leadership. Many different fields utilize market research analysts to promote and increase profitability. The average annual salary for a market research analyst is $65,810, or $31.64 an hour. The job growth for this career is projected to grow a whopping 18% through 2029.

How Can a Degree from Barry University Set You Up for Success?

The Bachelor of Science in Administration online program from Barry University will prepare you to enter a competitive and challenging job market. Barry offers six convenient start dates each year so you can transform your current work experience into leadership skills. This online program will equip you to implement contemporary marketing methods, engage in human resource theories, and provide a clear path to realize your professional and personal goals.

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