Are you interested in a dynamic career in public service with challenging and lucrative opportunities? Are people, leadership, civic responsibilities and making a difference in society important to you? A career in public administration may be just what you need to achieve fulfillment over the long haul and a position you will be happy to wake up for each day.

Public administrators compose and implement policies through government agencies that determine opportunities for citizens, living standards, and access to public resources. The Bachelor of Public Administration online program from Barry University can open doors to careers with public and not-for-profit organizations, emergency services administration, and public management. To further encourage prospective students, there is no fee charged for application.

The program provides a broad understanding of the expansive public management environment, including expertise in federal, state, and local government structures. Students explore the theories and principles of public finance, master techniques for improving productivity in public organizations, and learn concepts and tools of good governance.

Major public employers aid in developing the program curriculum at Barry University. The faculty come from a variety of backgrounds, including public health institutions, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Graduates are prepared to meet the current and future demands of the public administration field.

There are several diverse career options available to graduates with a degree in public administration. The following data includes average salary information for each role as of May 2021:

Public Administration Consultant or Public Policy Making Consultant: $66,918

If you want to pursue a career that can offer a wide range of challenges and experiences rather than a steady daily routine, consulting may be for you. This position provides professional advice regarding policy-making, budgets, and operations for local, state, and federal agencies. Often, this professional is tasked with analyzing data and finding efficient solutions for achieving goals.

Tax Examiner: $54,173

If you are mathematically inclined with a passion for civics, this role may be right for you. A tax examiner works for federal, state, or local government agencies and ensures that their employers receive all the tax monies owed from organizations, businesses, and citizens. Like an IRS auditor, they identify delinquent accounts, conduct audits, and assess penalties. They also write reports estimating current and future financial needs to be covered by tax revenues.

Education Administrator: $71,232

Universities, colleges, schools, and districts have levels of leadership positions, topping out with chancellor, president, provost, dean, vice principal, principal, and district superintendent. There are diverse positions in educational institutions, and roles may involve budget management, community relations, academic program development, admissions oversight, marketing and recruitment, student services management, policy development, and faculty training.

Nonprofit Executive Director: $74,683

Sometimes referred to as just “director,” these professionals help organizations and government agencies execute programs, lead public relations communications, manage fundraising efforts, oversee recruitment, and become more efficient. In executing programs, responsibilities often include analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

City Manager: $102,962

This role functions as the CEO of a city, carrying out the city government’s administrative and executive responsibilities. This role, also known as chief administrative officer in some municipalities, is charged with ensuring that departments, city programs, operations, and activities all run smoothly. The mayor and/or city council hires for this position.

This is just a small sampling of potential jobs for graduates from Barry University’s online B.S. in Public Administration program. Many graduates with degrees in public administration pursue careers in the federal government with jobs including financial manager, human resources manager, labor relations manager, budget analyst, and logistician. There are many more opportunities at the local government level, including roles on the board of directors of education, police commissioner, community health director, urban planning director, and parks and recreation director.

If a career in public service sounds enticing to you, then a bachelor’s degree in public administration may be your ticket to success.

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