For most working adults with family responsibilities, the prospect of earning an undergraduate degree seems far-fetched. Attending campus classes on set schedules is not even an option for some. Online undergraduate degree programs allow the flexibility and affordability working adults want to meet their higher education needs.

The Online Advantage

Online degree programs offer several benefits, according to CareerProfiles:

  • They are designed for working adults. Their scheduling suits those who work and have day-to-day family responsibilities.
  • Online degrees are typically more affordable. The cost of tuition is generally much less than at a brick-and-mortar campus. There are no commuting costs and students don’t lose valuable work time.
  • Students earning a degree online have a much larger pool of schools and universities to choose from.
  • Students can complete coursework in asynchronous online degree programs on their own schedule since they have 24/7 access to coursework.

The advantages of earning a degree online are readily apparent, and undergraduate degree programs like those Barry University offers are tailored for adult learners.

Barry University Undergraduate Degree Plans

Among the online undergraduate degree programs at Barry University:

The Bachelor of Public Administration degree program is ideal for those seeking to pursue careers in law enforcement, fire service, public safety, government and nonprofit agencies, management in public health institutions, and more. Through this online program, you’ll learn how public administrators create and implement programs to help build and strengthen communities, and gain a broad understanding of how to manage public agencies.

The Bachelor of Science in Administration degree program allows you to learn contemporary approaches to planning, organizing and staffing. This program also encourages students to consider impacts of continuous improvement, organizational change and motivation on quality and productivity in a business. In addition, the program covers marketing methods that increase the effectiveness of private, public and nonprofit services, as well as general human resources theories and practices related to strategic personnel management.

The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management degree program offers you the critical skills and tools to become successful in careers related to disaster preparation, mitigation, response and recovery. You will learn how to use national planning scenarios to adapt and apply emergency management skills to potential terrorist threats and how to apply the four-stage hazard mitigation and risk assessment methodologies to many different disaster scenarios.

Barry University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

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Career Profiles: The Benefits of Learning an Online Degree