When considering options for an advanced online degree in reading, affordability is as important as quality. Schools with similar programs may seem to have comparable costs, until you realize that some are excessively pricey due to higher tuition and extra fees for non-residents. In contrast, the Master of Science in Reading online at Barry University offers a great value. Barry’s online program holds no fee surprises and costs the same no matter where you live.

The program can also be completed in as few as 18 months, unlike many other programs, which also significantly influences total cost. The additional units required by other schools translates into a longer commitment to the program and greater expense.

No Extra Fees Significantly Lowers Tuition

In addition to the higher per credit out-of-state costs at other schools, there may be additional fees charged to students who reside out of state. And some other programs, like the University of Florida, require more credit hours, which significantly impacts total cost. Because all fees are included at Barry, it is simple to calculate total costs: at $406 per credit hour, the total cost of Barry’s 30-credit program is $12,180. Aside from the one-time application fee, there are no complicated calculations or additional, hidden fees.

The following table shows the total cost for comparable online graduate programs.

School Per credit estimate (resident) Per credit estimate


Program credit count Total cost (out-of-state)
Barry University $406 $406 30 $12,180*
University of Florida $516.19 $619.72 36 $22,309.92
University of Georgia $728.50 $1,226 36 $26,226*
University of South Florida $382.69 $828.43 36 $29,823.48

*In-state and out-of-state tuition rates are the same.

The above cost figures were sourced from university websites (August 2020).

Combining Quality With Affordability

As listed in the college ratings section of U.S. News & World Report, Barry has a hands-on career focus and encourages students to reach their potential through personalized support and a welcoming approach to diversity. The Master of Science in Reading online program is designed to prepare experienced educators for leadership roles in literacy at both the school and district levels, as well as in the community. Throughout the program, students learn current research-based strategies and skills, including differentiated and multisensory learning techniques that address the needs of all learners. At Barry, the same faculty members entrusted with on-campus instruction teach the online courses, ensuring the same high-caliber curricular experience for online students.

Barry’s accelerated program has multiple start dates throughout the year. It is flexible, to accommodate your professional and personal schedules, and accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Best of all, earning the Master of Science in Reading online at Barry will provide the skills and strategies you need to help students improve their performance in school and prepare them for continued success in academic, professional and social settings.

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