Behind every librarian and classroom instructor are highly trained administrators who develop curricula, oversee hiring, and manage the school’s various departments. These leadership positions often come with higher pay and greater opportunities for promotion.

Each year, thousands of teachers build on the skills learned in classrooms as they seek careers in educational leadership. Teachers interested in taking these positions as charter, private, or public school administrators already have one advantage: Most administrative positions require firsthand teaching experience for the promotion. In addition to teaching experience, administrative jobs usually require a graduate degree in educational leadership.

Higher Earnings in Educational Leadership

A graduate degree also comes with higher earnings in most school districts, according to the think tank Brookings Institute. In a 2017 article, Brookings found that a master’s degree “may advance a teacher’s salary up to $5,000 even in their first year on the job.” Citing data from The National Council on Teacher Quality, the article said that, for the largest 100 school districts in the United States, the average bump in pay for graduate degree holders was 11 percent.

Compared to faculty positions such as teachers, coaches and librarians, administrative positions generally come with higher earnings potential and greater job mobility. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for principals in 2017 was $94,390 per year.

The Master of Science in Educational Leadership offered online by Barry University is designed to prepare working teachers for their next careers as school leaders. The accelerated program is taught by the same faculty who work on campus. Online courses cover instructional theory, school and staff evaluation methods, community relations, as well as finance and school business management courses, among others. The graduate degree is designed to teach strong leadership skills through an understanding of behavioral theory with an emphasis on making sound, ethical decisions.

Barry University’s Master of Science in Educational Leadership online program was developed with the working teacher in mind. The 36-credit degree can be completed in one year with the convenience of six start dates offered throughout the year.

Whether you have a background in teaching or simply a love of helping students, a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Barry University is your first step toward a rewarding career in educational leadership.

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