Educational leaders are crucial to the success of all communities. P-12 principals, district leaders, and administrators implement the principles of organizational development to shape the policies, practices, and strategies of their schools and districts. For this reason, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase of over 11,000 school principal jobs by 2029. To gain the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain school leadership positions like that of school principal, accredited teachers must complete rigorous training.

For Florida-certified teachers seeking to become educational leaders, they must receive training from a Level-I Certification program. Barry University’s Master of Science in Educational Leadership online program is one of the select few educational leadership programs approved by the Florida Department of Education as a Level 1 Educational Leadership Program. This accelerated program offers educators competency-based development that emphasizes organizational development, ethical planning, and field experience.

Fostering a More Holistic System

Barry University’s MS Ed. in Leadership online program helps students elevate their skillset from curriculum implementation to design and assessment. Students learn to consider larger patterns and trends that impact their communities and work with others to address them. The program also offers future educational leaders specialized training in program and policy evaluation, communication skills, management strategies, and organizational principles. Such skills shape teachers into leaders, preparing them for higher-level administrative positions.

According to section 1012.562, Florida Statutes, the primary purpose of an educational leadership preparation program is to increase the number of effective school leaders in Florida public schools who are prepared to lead the state’s diverse student population in meeting high standards for academic achievement.

Barry University’s MS Ed. in Leadership shapes educational leaders to achieve those goals by fostering inclusive learning environments and social change for the educational and personal success of students. Educators learn how to examine school policies and strategies and produce ethically sound decisions that promote educational excellence. They incorporate the principles of assessment, organization, and collaboration to identify and meet their communities’ unique needs.

Putting Skills to Use

Barry University’s MS Ed. in Leadership online program is also grounded in real-world experience. Level I certification programs are required to provide high-quality field experiences in a variety of purposeful P-12 settings. This way, students have opportunities to practice the core expectations for an effective school or district leader.

Barry University’s program has an embedded internship program that offers educators a chance to develop unique projects that address administrative challenges or student achievement needs at assigned school sites. They are faced with real-world challenges across 150 hours of administrative leadership activities as they analyze their school’s programs and develop a portfolio of leadership activities.

Take the Next Step

While students can complete this program in as few as 12 months, this rigorous program prepares future educational leaders with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to become effective community leaders. As a Level I Certification Program, it offers rigorous training coupled with real-world experience to shape leaders who can address the needs of their communities. Students apply their training and experiences in their portfolios from internship programs, giving them an edge when applying for educational leadership positions.

Furthermore, the 100% online coursework allows current teachers to become educational leaders despite their already busy schedules. For Florida-certified educators seeking to gain the skills and experiences necessary to achieve Level I Certification, this program offers them an intensive yet flexible path toward becoming school leaders.

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